A Few Thoughts Before Purchasing Your Next Pool Table

So, you had the brilliant idea that you want a pool table and that your wife/girlfriend or conscience is going to let you have one. Nothing speaks mancave or has the ability to turn a boring room into an oasis of fun more than owning a pool table. Before you go sneaking off to the local billiards store or sneak around online looking for one you may want to consider the following. While buying a pool table for fun and enjoyment may be an exciting and easy prospect there are several parameters to consider before you make that important purchase. Whether married or single owning a pool table can be fun for everyone. Prices will vary depending on it if it a custom piece or a basic model. From $500 or more used or brand spanking new a pool table will enhance your lifestyle and propensity for fun significantly.

Pool tables can be made into any shape or design that your fertile mind can come up with, although most people just go for the rectangular, four legged, green felt variety. First you should consider the size. Carefully measure the space you have to put it in, because you don’t want to buy it and then find out at the moment of delivery that it simply wont fit and worst yet it could be raining. While pool tables can be made to almost any size you want, the main sizes for pool tables are as follows:

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 9.53.07 PM

This should give you an idea if it will properly fit in the space you have planned for it.

Another thing you should consider when buying a pool table is the covering of the pool playing surface itself. Generally a high quality felt is used that can also come in as much of a variety as the form of the table itself. Choose a color thats fits you and your personality or you can go with the default green color you usually see in billiard rooms all across the US.

When choosing the pockets for your table you will generally have two options real leather or rubber. Considering the overall look and feel of your pool table with determine this, or perhaps your own whimsy.

One important factor in choosing a pool table is what will the base be made of. Will it be made of a beautifully colored wood or a cool to the touch metal base, or even a mix of the two. Whatever you choose look to the other decor in the room you will be putting it in for inspiration.

Once you have chosen all the necessary components for your pool table don’t forget to purchase some pool sticks and pool cues to get you and the guys started off having fun, but don’t forget the balls as not every table comes with them even if it is a custom piece.

Once you take into consideration all the above information you should be well ready and informed to order your very own pool table whether online or in person and start enjoying many days of fun.