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Classic elegance, the Megan transitions easily into any room setting. Includes Standard Accessory Package, 2-piece cue wall rack and installation within the Greater Toronto Area.

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For over 12 years, Legacy Billiards has been creating high-quality, affordable games room furniture for the North American market. The growing demand for stylish pool tables and games room furniture has led Legacy to create a line of pool tables featuring excellent craftsmanship and unbeatable value.

The popularity of Legacy Billiards is a result of their detailed finishing, hand carved pool tables and use of quality materials throughout all of their products. Using only top-quality hardwood, leather, slate, and custom finishes, Legacy creates beautiful and affordable pool tables Toronto you’ll love to play and display in your home.

Legacy Billiards offers four series of great pool tables: The Classic Series, Sterling Series, Elite Series and Signature Series, each of which has its own distinct characteristics, as well as a unique look and feel. All series are hand crafted in design and feature hand carved legs and inlays, and make use of old world joinery techniques. All of this attention to detail results in a superior pool table.

Whatever your style, Pool Tables Toronto can match you to a great Legacy pool table. To see our full line of Legacy products, visit one of our showrooms, or give us a call today!